Replacement Boat Seats for your Pontoon Boat

A growing segment in leisure craft is the pontoon boat. This segment was the result of an evolutionary confluence of low maintenance, large passenger space, shallow draft, speed, and power at an affordable cost. These boats do not even look like the powerful rakish lines of a cigar boat or a scarab, but considering the number of passengers it can accommodate, pontoons can be a lot of fun.

Looking like a big box or a small rectangular above ground pool, pontoons can be configured to seat anywhere from 4 to 12 passengers. Another great thing about these types of boats is that the owner can customize the seating layout, which owners usually do.

The obvious downside of this type of boat is that these are almost never used with a canopy. These boats are mainly for sunny weather and perfect for summer. The whole boat is exposed to the elements. This puts a strain on the equipment and furnishings. Although the working parts and the electronics were designed to be water resistant, or can still be working even if waterlogged, the same cannot be said for the rest of the boat.

It is expected that the seats would most probably be the first to be replaced. Plastic materials may be durable but these turn brittle and flake off when frequently exposed to the sun and water. With cushioned seats, the leather cover may be more resistant, but it would still have noticeable effects from exposure to the elements. In such cases, there is nothing left to do but to have these seats replaced.

Even though replacement seats are bulkier, boat owners do want the seats to be of the same color as the ones they replaced. In fact, most manufacturers and vendors carry replacement seats which follow the color scheme of the most common boat models. This affords the owner the chance to just replace the seats in order to have a better looking boat.

No Hassle Vacation Preparation with Replacement Boat Seats

Having a vacation on the lake area, like Lake Texoma or Lake Mead or the Great Lakes, on the Florida coast, or when cruising the Mississippi river from the Gulf of Mexico to St. Louis and beyond, is a different experience from the regular motoring trip. The peacefulness of a boat ride is something every boat owner knows is a siren song away from the hustle and bustle of a daily commute.

But having a boat for a vacation and owning one are two different things. No matter what boat you have, it becomes a part of the owner, and slowly reflects the personality of the owner. For instance, you might might start out with a white boat with light blue racing lines, and when the oppoortunity arises for a paint job, you might choose to have more aggressive blue and indigo lines, for a decidedly blue boat. These little things are what defines ownership.

The easiest way to customize the boat, is through the seats. In most instances, you can change the seat layout, or have different upholstery instead, for a more comfortable ride, or just a change in colors to go with the rest of the boat. Admittedly, even the slightest change can make the boat look different. Usually, it’s just a matter of unscrewing the existing seats and putting in new ones.

There are a lot of places where you can get replacement seats. Besides the marina, and boatyards, you can also see if the car upholstery shop can do something about changing the upholstery on your boat seats. There are also a sizeable number of internet sites which carry replacements boat seats.

On the internet, the convenience of online shopping comes into play. You can choose what model you want, what color, dimensions of the replacement boat seat. You can also check out how much it will ultimately cost, which would include price, shipping and handling and taxes. After choosing the seat, and paying for it, you only have to wait for the new seats to arrive, with no hassle at all.

Make Over your Boat with Replacement Boat Seats

One of a boat owner’s main frustration would be having a boat and not have the time to use it or worse, be far from the water. The concept of owning a boat is not something which is rationalized by a boat owner. The passion for the water, for fishing or for water sports compels the person to buy a boat. The boat is both a reason and the utility to spend more on the water. This is true for all boats and boat their owners.

The true calling of a boat is to be on the water. Boats are divided into many categories, but the simplest differentiation would be between salt-water and inland boats. The distinction is even more distinct when it comes to boat maintenance. Open sea boats tend to require more care and maintenance due to the effects of salt water.

For larger boats, shelter, dock and cleaning for barnacles are other concerns. But mainly, the sea air alone affects the paint and fixtures of these watercraft. Salt water is very corrosive and it not only affects the metal parts, it also has an adverse effect on plastic, leather and cloth covers for your boat seats.

Maintaining boat seats is a losing struggle. The more you use the boat, the more the seats will be exposed to sun and salt water. The good news about all these is that boat seats are among the easiest to replace, and you don’t need specialized equipment or technical skills to do that. In most cases replacing the boat seats needs only a wrench.

Replacement boat seats are also easy to find. Like car seats and leather car seat covers, you can replace your existing boat seats for some other design or color scheme. It’s mostly like looking at a catalog of available models. Easy to do, easy to choose from and easy to buy, which translates to an easy time choosing the right seats for your boat.

Easy Boat Makeover with Replacement Boat Seats Online

Maintaining a boat really does take a man of passion. Considering the amount of time a boat is used, the time and money to maintain a boat is inordinately high compared to that of maintaining a car. A boat has to be kept in top condition prior to using it on long journeys. It would not be good for something to happen to the engine while you’re out in the open sea. Or for that matter, using a boat only during the summer and then finding out that the seats are torn, or the plastic is flaking.

The main attribute of a boat is also the main cause for the proper maintainance. It’s a watercraft. It gets wet. It doesn’t matter if it’s used in fresh water (rivers and lakes) or in sea water (beach and open sea), water as it is does a lot of damage to property, and salt water more so.

Repairing and replacing boat parts is part and parcel of maintaining a boat. Every boat owner knows that it is necessary to have a thorough check up of the boat prior to using it. This is specially true for watercraft kept in storage or docked in a marina, for months without being used.

Good thing is that it’s now easy to get replacement boat parts. This is also true for replacement boat seats. Before there was online shopping, you would have limited choices on where to buy, what models, make and materials. With online shops which specialize in replacement boat seats, you have almost all available types and colors you might want, and some which you’ve never even thought of.

Additionally, buying replacement boat seats online could save you a lot of money, and is a lot of convenience. You pick and choose, order, pay for it online from the comfort of your desk or coffee table, and when the goods arrive, you can install the replacement boat seats at your leisure.

Buy Your Replacement Boat Seats Online

In our daily lives, the car is sometimes considered as an extension of the home. In some instances, it is actually more important than having a house. The concept of mobility is so ingrained in the nation’s psyche that the car has become an inherent part of the individual. Of course, when trying to get into the rhythm of a vacation, even the car gets left behind, in favor of other modes of transportation.

For boat people, the costs of owning and maintaining a boat are worth it, just to have a reminder that there is more to life than the daily grind at the office. To the casual observer, maintaining a boat looks cheaper than that of maintaining a car, since a car is used a lot more and should have more wear and tear. Unfortunately, this is neither logical nor necessarily true.

The seats are open to the water, and salt water is a corrosive substance. Wood, plastic and leather seats do need to be replaced more often than a car seats. It doesn’t matter where you go with your boat, the simple reality is that the boat will get wet, and expect everything in it to get wet at one time or another. Besides that, a salt-water, or open sea boat is in a very corrosive environment. Most materials like plastic, rubber and wood will be affected, in terms of rot, fading colors, brittleness, etc. At some point the boat seats have to be replaced.

The fun part about all these is that the boat owner usually takes this into consideration and has factored this in to the cost of the boat. Nowadays, it has become very easy to get replacement boat seats. Online sites for replacement boat seats will be able to supply the boat owner with a wide range of products, in various colors, variations, models, and materials. Like all items for sale online, costs are usually all in and calculated for you and without the inconveniences of physically going to each shop and taking a look at the merchandise and lugging it back to the dock.